Monday, October 23, 2006

New Readings: Paradox of Nonexistence

For the next section of the course, please read Priest Chapter 3, 3.1-3.4, Caplan Empty Names chapters 1 and 2, Braun, "Empty Names, Mythical Names, Fictional Names", Salmon "Nonexistence", and if you wish, Richard, "Seeking a Centaur, Adoring Adonis: Intensional Transitives and Empty Terms." (Note: I often have trouble opening Caplan's pdf files. If this happens to you, right click on the link and click 'Save Target As' or 'Save Link As' depending on which browser you're using.) You do not need to read all of these for next class. They are readings for the next section of the course. We will begin with Priest on the Hooded Man paradox and move on to the paradox of nonexistence. You do not need to read all of the Salmon paper. There are points where Caplan and Braun refer to it; it may be helpful for you to have the Salmon paper in order to check out the relevant passages, but it is not necessary to read all of it. For your comment paper, please write on Priest's response to the Hooded Man or some aspect of the paradox of nonexistence discussed in Priest, Braun, Caplan, or Salmon. You're welcome to comment on Richard if you are some kind of glutton for punishment. Comment on this post or contact me if you have further questions.


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