Monday, September 18, 2006

Problem Set 1

For problem set 1, please show whether or not the following wffs are true with respect to model M and assignment g:

1. Gab
2. (crazy)Ux(Fx)
3. (crazy)Gx(Gxx)
4. (crazy)Ux(crazy)Gy(Gxy)

M = [D, delta], where
D = {d1,d2}, and
delta is the function such that:

a. delta(a) = d1,
delta(b) = d2,
and for all other individual constants alpha, delta(alpha) = d1.

b. delta(F) = {d1},
delta(G) = {[d1,d1], [d1,d2], [d2,d1]}

g is the function such that:
g(x) = d1,
g(y) = d2,
and for all other variables alpha, g(alpha) = d1.

Feel free to post questions or comments, but do not post your answers! Email them to me or print them off and slide them under my office door by 5pm Sunday.

Note: I'm using square brackets '[' and ']' for ordered pairs since Blogger takes the corner braces as html and strips them out.


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